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We are awesome. Here's why:

Here at Monumental Business Solutions (MBS), our two main objectives are to help our clients hit targets and goals, while providing resources to assist our team members to achieve their personal and professional milestones.

We invest in the development and success of our team members by making them our main focus. We believe this helps us achieve our clients’ targets by default, therefore creating a win-win situation for our staff and customers. Everyone is happy when we are striving for success, so this creates an enjoyable work environment and fulfilling experience for both our team members and clients.

Our goal at MBS is to be the number one outsourced sales organization in Canada, and in order to do that we place our focus on ensuring our clients and team members have all the resources they need to get the job done.

Meet our management team

Hesam H.

Hy L.


Falcon B.

Natasha B.

Gabe Y.

Dan K.

Ali S.

Tress I.

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