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Public relations

We strive to represent our clients in the most positive light possible, and collaborate with our partners to identify the best business practices.

Brand Management

Our success is based on documenting our marketing activities and analyzing our ongoing efforts to improve client to customer brand reach.

Business Development

Our team’s main concentration is to increase sales and profit volumes in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Awards and news


Why work

with us?

We pride ourselves on our ability to generate prospects, nurture leads,
and move customers through our sales pipeline.


Our main focus is on the development our team members and sticking to business fundamentals.


Our professionals stay relevant with current trends and techniques to improve the efforts of their team.


We use the best solutions to analyze data in the cloud and understand our client’s sales.

Monumental Business Solutions - where hard works meets opportunity

We want to be one of the most recognized organizations for business to consumer brand awareness by ensuring our clients expectations are met through the development of our team members and their resources.

01.Entry Level:

Usually lasting 1-2 weeks you are trained on basic product knowledge and procedures.

02. Team Leader:

You will begin assisting on the evaluation and training of additional team members.

Proven management training program & advancement structure.

03. Assistant Manager:

You will begin to manage daily tasks and routines while contributing to additional administrative responsibilities.

04. Manager:

On average it takes 1 to 2 years, however depending on the individual it can take up to 6 months

We are actively looking for individuals with student mentalities who are interested in learning more about the meal kit sector. We want to transfer our knowledge and skills to candidates that are able to communicate, listen, and take direction well.

This work does not require previous industry experience, however experience in customer service, sales, retail, or hospitality can be an advantage.

The progression of technology

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me’.”
― Philip K. Dick


Customer Relationship Management has simplified the process of tracking daily activities.

Data analytics:

Analytics has continued to help us understand and improve our business practices.

How did you hear about us?

We are in the age of information and we understand the value of tracking our efforts in connecting with our target audience. That is why we would like to hear from you on what we can do to help you and how you stumbled upon our page.

If we contacted you with regards to an available job opening please apply directly to the job advertisement itself.

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